Federal Perkins Cancellation

This assessment provides you with an opportunity to review procedures regarding Federal Perkins cancellation. Additional activities are provided in the chart below.

If you identify areas requiring a corrective action, we recommend that you complete an Action Plan.

Activity Bar:
Perkins Cancellation Activity 1: Bankruptcy Discharges
Perkins Cancellation Activity 2: Total and Permanent Disability

Additional Links: 2016-2017 FSA Handbook, Campus-Based Programs, Chapter 4; Directory of Designated Low-Income Schools for Teacher Cancellation Benefits

Please note the regulatory citations are referenced in the first column of the assessment. To link to any of the regulatory references, click on the link in the regulatory link column and scroll down to the applicable section.

Perkins Cancellation Regulatory Link(s) Activity
Special Definitions 34 CFR 674.51

34 CFR 674.33

34 CFR 674.34

34 CFR 674.49

34 CFR 674.51

34 CFR 674.52

34 CFR 674.53

34 CFR 674.56

34 CFR 674.57

34 CFR 674.58

34 CFR 674.59

34 CFR 674.60

34 CFR 674.61

34 CFR 674.62

34 CFR 674.63


Cancellation Procedures 34 CFR 674.52

  • Application for Cancellation
  • Part-time Employment
  • Cancellation of a defaulted loan
  • Concurrent deferment period
  • National community service


Teacher Cancellation 34 CFR 674.53

  • Full-time teaching in an elementary or secondary school serving low-income students
  • Full-time teaching in special education
  • Full-time teaching in Fields of expertise
  • Cancellation rates
  • Teaching in a school system
  • Teaching children and adults
Federal Perkins Cancellation Teacher Worksheet
Employment Cancellations 34 CFR 674.56 Federal Perkins Cancellation Nurse/Medical Technician Worksheet

Federal Perkins Cancellation Child or Family Services Worksheet

Federal Perkins Cancellation Early Intervention Worksheet

Federal Perkins Cancellation Public Service Worksheet
Law Enforcement or Corrections Officer Cancellation 34 CFR 674.57 Federal Perkins Cancellation Law Enforcement or Corrections Officer Worksheet
Head Start Cancellation 34 CFR 674.58 Perkins Cancellation Head Start Work Sheet
Military Service Cancellation 34 CFR 674.59 Perkins Cancellation Military Service Worksheet
Volunteer Service Cancellation 34 CFR 674.60 Perkins Cancellation Volunteer Service Worksheet
Prior Service 34 CFR 674.62(a)


Payment Refund 34 CFR 674.62(b)


Reimbursing Amounts Canceled 34 CFR 674.63(b)


Discharges due to school closure 34 CFR 674.33(g)

  • Relief pursuant to discharge
  • Determination of borrower qualification for discharge by the Secretary
  • Borrower Qualification for discharge
  • Fraudulently obtained loans
  • Cooperation by borrower in enforcement actions
  • Transfer to the Secretary of borrower's right of recovery against third parties
  • Discharge procedures


Bankruptcy Discharges 34 CFR 674.49

Perkins Cancellation Activity 1: Bankruptcy Discharges
Death Discharge 34 CFR 674.61(a)


Total and Permanent Disability Discharge 34 CFR 674.61(b), Federal Register November 1, 2000, DCL CB-02-08; DCL-CB-02-18; DCL GEN-06-14; DCL GEN-09-02; DCL GEN-10-15

  • Nonveteran Total and Permanent Disability Discharge
  • Discharge for service-connected disability (veterans)
Federal Perkins Cancellation Activity 2: Total & Permanent Disability

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