Federal Perkins Forbearance and Deferment

This assessment outlines the requirements for Federal Perkins forbearance & deferment. If you identify areas requiring a corrective action, we recommend that you complete an Action Plan.

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2018-2019 FSA Handbook, Campus-Based Programs, Chapter 4

Please note the regulatory citations are referenced in the first column of the assessment. To link to any of the regulatory references, click on the link in the regulatory link column and scroll down to the applicable section.

Perkins Forbearance and Deferment Regulatory Link(s) Activity
Forbearance 34 CFR 674.33(d)

34 CFR 674.33

34 CFR 674.34

34 CFR 674.35

34 CFR 674.36

34 CFR 674.37

34 CFR 674.38


Hardship forbearance 34 CFR 674.33(d)


In-School Deferments 34 CFR 674.34(b)(1)(i)


Graduate Fellowship 34 CFR 674.34(b)(1)(ii), 34 CFR 674.34(b)(1)(iii)


Rehabilitation Training 34 CFR 674.34(b)(1)(iv) ; 34 CFR 674.34(g)


Concurrent Deferment 34 CFR 674.34(c)


Seeking full-time employment 34 CFR 674.34(d)


Economic Hardship 34 CFR 674.34(e)


Military Service 34 CFR 674.34(h); DCL GEN-08-01


Post Active Duty 34 CFR 674.34(i); DCL GEN-08-01


Deferment exclusive to Perkins Loans made before July 1, 1993 and NDSLs made between October 1, 1980 and July 1, 1993 34 CFR 674.35, 34 CFR 674.36


Hardship Deferment For Loans Made Before July 1, 1993 34 CFR 674.35(g), 34 CFR 674.36(e), 34 CFR 674.37(e)


Deferments exclusive to loans made before October 1, 1980 674.37


Deferment Procedures 34 CFR 674.38(a)


Deferment and Default 34 CFR 674.38(b)


Deferment vs. In-School Enrollment Status 34 CFR 674.38(c)


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