A Guide to Creating a Policies & Procedures Manual

This assessment outlines the minimum policies and procedures requirements for administering Title IV Aid.

Policies and Procedures Activities At-A-Glance identifies areas outlined in the law and regulations that require a written policy and procedure and also provides links to the regulations. If you identify areas requiring a corrective action, we recommend that you complete an Action Plan.

Activity Bar:
Policies and Procedures Activity 1: Developing or Enhancing Procedures

Section Description Activity
Cover page and Table of Contents A Cover Page that can be used when designing your Policies and Procedures Manual. Policies and Procedures Activity 1: Developing or Enhancing Procedures
Introduction and Section 1 Administrative Capability
Section 2 Institutional Eligibility
Section 3 General Provisions Regulations
Section 4 Federal Perkins Loans Program
Section 5 FWS and Job Location and Development Program
Section 6 Federal SEOG Program
Section 7 Federal Pell Grant Program
Section 8 Federal Direct Loan Program
Section 9 TEACH Grant Program
Appendix A Acronyms and Terms
Appendix B Example of a Completed Section of the Administrative Capability Policy & Procedure
Appendix C Policies and Procedures at a Glance

Last Updated June 2018

Disclaimer: This document has been prepared to provide schools with basic guidance to develop policies and procedures. However, it should not be assumed that this document is all-inclusive. For a more complete explanation of specific program requirements, your school should refer to the applicable statutes, regulations, and the Federal Student Aid Handbook. It is the school's responsibility to ensure that all Title IV requirements outlined in the Law and regulations are met.


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