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Publication Date: March 4, 2003

Award Year: 2002-2003

Summary: Pell System Generated Negative Disbursement Batches

Posted on 03-04-2003

Award Year 2002-2003
TO: All Destination Points
FROM: Common Origination and Disbursement
Summary: Pell System Generated Negative Disbursement Batches

This announcement discusses the importance of processing Pell system-generated negative disbursement batches sent to your school's SAIG mailbox.

COD sends system-generated negative disbursement batches to schools when a Potential Overaward Project (POP) situation has not been resolved within the allotted 30-day timeframe. These batches reduce a student's disbursement amount to zero. Please refer to the 2002-2003 Pell Tech Reference at: http://www.fsadownload.ed.gov, for more information about POP and system-generated negative disbursement batch processing.

System generated negative disbursements are sent to Full Participant schools in the COMRECOP message class, document type ND. Phase-In schools receive this as a #G in the PGDA03OP message class.

Schools and servicers should import system-generated negative disbursement into your system for processing. Not processing negative disbursements can cause reconciliation issues in the future.

Currently, Phase-In schools may be experiencing problems importing the batches finding the trailer record has not properly been created. If you have a problem importing your system generated negative disbursement batches, please contact the COD School Relations Center to have your batch corrected. In the past, schools were advised to contact CPS/WAN. Please do not contact CPS/WAN about this issue going forward.

We are researching the cause of the problem, and will share updates as they become available on the COD Processing Updates available on the COD web site, www.cod.ed.gov. If you are in need of access to the COD web site, refer to the IFAP posting: http://www.ifap.ed.gov/eannouncements/0603SchoolUserID.html.

If you have any questions regarding this announcement, or about your system-generated negative disbursements, please contact the COD School Relations Center at 800/4PGRANT, or email CODSupport@acs-inc.com.