Federal Student Aid - IFAP
Direct Loans


"It is rare that the federal government creates a program that both saves money and improves service to its
constituents. Direct lending is such a program..."

Jerome H. Supple
Southwest Texas State University

"With our first year of experience in direct lending behind us, I can say confidently that this is a system that
works. It is more efficient for us, far better for the students than the previous process and saves the
taxpayers a significant amount of money."

John Van de Wetering
SUNY Brockport

"How do we measure the success or failure of our program? It's obvious. The students. Our students
continue to praise the program for its simplicity and ability to provide loan funds to them in a short period of
time. We had more loan funds available for students to use at registration than any time in the history of the

Dr. Daniel Davenport
Admissions & Student Financial Aid Services
University of Idaho

"While the full benefits of the program have not yet been realized, we can say that the University of Florida
considers the Direct Loan Program to be an unqualified success. The process is easier for students and staff to
understand, delivery is faster and much more efficient, and problem resolution is much, much easier."

Karen Fooks
Financial Aid Director
University of Florida

"The University of Michigan is proud to have been among the first 104 institutions to successfully implement
the Federal Direct Student Loan program enacted by the Congress and the President on August 10, 1993. We
are pleased to help shape this new initiative which will have a profound positive impact for years to come on the
way students and families finance higher education."

James J. Duderstadt
University of Michigan

"Quite honestly, I was skeptical as to the Department of Education's abilities to deliver ...I am delighted to say
that I have been proven wrong."

Mariko Gomez
Director, Student Financial Aid
Southwest Texas State University

"After two full quarters in the Ford Federal Direct Student Loan Program, the University of Washington is
convinced that our early support for direct lending was more than justified. Earlier disbursement of Direct Loan
proceeds resulted in other efficiencies at the UW. We saw a drop in the number of students requesting
short-term emergency loans and we were able to process an ever increasing number of Stafford/PLUS
loans with reductions in staffing. The Direct Loan Program works."

Judith Fingar
Chief Fiscal Officer
University of Washington

"Direct lending has radically improved the delivery of financial aid at Rutgers. Lines which used to extend down
the hall and around the building at term bill time have virtually disappeared. Complaints by students about not
getting their money in time' have stopped. Our students and parents know what direct lending is, how it works,
and they love it. In fact, their only complaint is that we should have done it this way years ago!' We are
proudly a 'Direct Loan school.' "

Stephen D. Rouff
Associate University Director
Office of Financial Aid
Rutgers University