Publication Date: November 2004

DCL ID:  CB-04-12

Subject: Campus-Based Programs 2005-2006 FISAP Edit/Validation Process and Update of Perkins Cash on Hand

November 2004


SUBJECT: Campus-Based Programs 2005-2006 FISAP Edit/Validation Process and Update of Perkins Cash on Hand

REFERENCE: FSA Handbook: Campus-Based Programs

Dear Partner:


This is a reminder that 2005-2006 edit corrections and Perkins cash on hand as of October 31, 2004 must be submitted to the Department by December 15, 2004.

Questions and Answers

Q: How do I receive my edits?

A: The FISAP on the Web process no longer requires schools or import an edit report. Schools now review their edit messages by clicking “validate all” from the left navigation bar on the web site. A list of any validation error numbers with the corresponding error messages will appear on screen.

Q: How do I correct my FISAP data:

A: You will be able to either fix or log your validation errors as follows:

· A “Fix Error” button is located on the right of each validation error message. Clicking this button will take you to the FISAP page on which the error last occurred, and identify all other pages on which that same error has occurred. You can then fix all fields related to the error.

· A “Log” check box is located next to each validation error. Clicking on this button will display the Additional Information Page on which you can provide any information you think will be relevant to that error message.

Q: How do I report my Perkins cash on hand as of October 31, 2004?

A: You will need to access the FISAP on the Web after October 31, 2004, enter a figure for Part III, Section A, field 1.2. (even if the figure is zero), make any other required changes or comments, and then submit the FISAP by clicking the submit button.

Q: If my school does not participate in Perkins and I have already resolved or provided an explanation for my edits, do I need to respond?

A: No, the Department will continue to review your explanations and if more information or action is needed we will contact you directly.

Q: What is the deadline date for submitting edit corrections and Perkins Cash on hand as of October 31, 2004?

A: The submission deadline is December 15, 2004.

Q: Will I receive an acknowledgement for receipt of my school’s edit file?

A: Acknowledgements are located in the Self-Service section as Submission Logs. The submission Logs are a module which contain the tracking information for FISAP on the Web submissions.

Q: Who should I contact if I require assistance?

A: If you require assistance in the verification and correction of your data, you can contact our Campus-Based Customer Service Call Center at 1-877-801-7168.


Richard Coppage


Campus Based


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