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DCLPublicationDate: 9/1/2000
DCLID: GEN-00-15
Summary: We are pleased to announce our new approach to helping you find answers to questions about our Title IV Student Financial Assistance (SFA) programs.

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Dear Financial Aid Partner Letter "GEN-00-15" and SFA Regional Points of Contact.
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September 2000


We are pleased to announce our new approach to helping you find answers to questions about our Title IV Student Financial Assistance (SFA) programs.

In the course of our SFA Customer Service Task Force listening sessions, many of you suggested improvements to our call response questions and answer service. Notifying you of a single point of contact was the logical first step. Our Customer Service Call Center (CSCC) is that one place in the Schools Channel of SFA where financial aid professionals may call for answers to their questions. You may contact the CSCC at: 1-800-433-7327 between 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time. Our 24-hour fax number is (202) 260-4199. If the staff can’t answer your question directly, they will connect you with one of our specialized call centers, or research your question and call you back with an answer.

Many of you have established good working relationships with the SFA staff both in Washington, D.C. and the regions. While we encourage your use of the CSCC, please feel free to continue working with those contacts. For your convenience, we have listed on the back of this letter an updated contact summary of Case Management Teams, Direct Loan Account Managers, and Regional Training Officers. A list of our specialized call centers and help desks and phone numbers can be found on our IFAP website (www.ifap.ed.gov) under “Current SFA Publications.”

We are committed to making Title IV information readily available to you, and this letter is just the first step toward better management of our customer relationships.

We welcome your comments regarding the service you receive from any SFA office or staff member. You have two methods to use to submit your comments to us. First, comments can be submitted through the “Customer Feedback” tab located at the top of our IFAP home page. Secondly, because I am personally committed to your receiving a prompt response to your inquiries, I have set up a special email box through which you may send your concerns directly to me. That email address is:
schools_comments@ed.gov. Please let us hear from you.


G. Kay Jacks
General Manager for Schools


SFA Regional Points of Contact

RRegionRCase Management
TTeamsDirect Loan Client Account ManagersRegional Training Officers
I (Boston)
CT, ME, MA, NH, RI & VTMain: (617) 223-9338
FAX : (617) 223-4305Main: (617) 565-5810
FAX : (617) 565-8636Main: (617) 223-9558
FAX : (617) 223-4305
II (New York)
see individual state designations ->Main: (212) 264-4022
FAX : (212) 264-5025
NJ, NY, PR, VIMain: (212) 264-8012
FAX : (212) 264-1666
NJ, NY, PR, VIMain: (212) 637-6443
FAX: (212) 264-5025
NJ, NY, PR, VI, Canal Zone
III (Philadelphia)
DE, DC, MD, PA, VA, WVMain: (215) 656-6442
FAX : (215) 656-6499Main: (215) 656-5929
FAX : (215) 656-5964Main: (215) 656-6452
FAX : (215) 656-6499
IV (Atlanta)
see individual state designations ->Main: (404) 562-6315 or (404) 562-6309
FAX : (404) 562-6321
AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SCMain: (404) 562-6259
FAX : (404) 562-6283
AL, FL, GA, KY MS, NC, SC, TNMain: (404) 562-6318 or
(404) 562-6320
FAX : (404) 562-6321
V (Chicago)
see individual state designations ->Main: (312) 886-8767
FAX : (312) 353-2836
IL, MN, OH, WIMain: (312) 886-8766
FAX : (312) 886-6737
IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WIMain: (312) 886-8731
FAX : (312) 353-2836
VI (Dallas)
AR, LA, NM, OK, TXMain: (214) 880-3044
FAX: (214) 880-2462Main: (214) 880-2405
FAX : (214) 880-2402Main: (214) 880-2421
FAX : (214) 880-2402
VII (Kansas City)
see individual state designations ->Main: (816) 880-4053
FAX : (816) 891-0983
IA, KS, KY, MO, NE, TNMain: (816) 880-4090
FAX : (816) 891-8713
IA, KS, MO, NEMain: (816) 880-4047
Fax : (816) 891-8713
VIII (Denver)
see individual state designations ->Main: (303) 844-3677
FAX : (303) 844-4695
CO, MI, MT, ND, SD, UT, WYMain: (303) 844-3677
FAX : (303) 844-5756
CO, MN, MT, ND, SD, UT, WYMain: (303) 844-3677
Extensions 117 or 118
Fax : (303) 844-5756
IX (San Francisco)
see individual state designations ->Main: (415) 556-4295
FAX : (415) 437-8206
Am S., AZ, CA, FM, Guam, HI, Marshall Is., NV, No. Marianas, PalauMain: (415) 556-4201
FAX : (415) 437-8852
AZ, CA, HI, NVSee Seattle Training Officer information below
Am S., AZ, CA, FM, Guam, HI, Marshall Is., NV, No. Marianas, Palau
X (Seattle):
see individual state designations ->Main: (206) 287-1770
FAX : (206) 553-0799
AK, ID, IN, OR, WAMain: (206) 287-9840
FAX : (206) 553-0800
AK, ID, OR, WAMain: (206) 287-9053 or
(206) 287-9078
Fax : (206) 553-0799

Case Management Teams certify eligibility for new and participating schools, perform analysis of financial state-ments, resolve compliance audits, conduct on-site program reviews, and provide technical assistance on Title IV SFA programs. Direct Loan Account Managers provide program support, technical assistance, and training that emphasizes software and electronic processes, and provide full service to Direct Loan schools. Training Officers develop and conduct national, regional, and state Title IV training and serve as a resource to schools on Title IV issues.