Posted Date: January 5, 2012

Author:  Katrina Turner, Director, Operations Performance Division, Federal Student Aid

Subject: Default Rates for Cohort Years 2005-2009

Attached is an explanation of the three types of Default Rates and a summary of these rates for the Cohort Years 2005-2009.  The three types of rates are Cohort Default Rate, Budget Lifetime Default Rate (as reflected in the latest estimates as of July 1, 2011), and Cumulative Lifetime Default Rate.

Contact Information

For additional information regarding these default rates, contact the Operations Performance Division’s hotline at 202/377-4259.  You may also e-mail


Explanation of Default Rates in PDF format, 58 KB, 1 Page

Default Rates for Cohort Years 2005-2009 in PDF Format, 29 KB, 1 Page


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