Posted Date: January 30, 2017

Author:  Jeff Baker, Director, Policy Liaison and Implementation, Federal Student Aid

Subject: Gainful Employment Electronic Announcement #104 - Updated Final GE Debt-to-Earnings (D/E) Rates Information on FSA Data Center

We have updated the final Debt Measure Year 2015 Gainful Employment (GE) Debt-to-Earnings (D/E) rates information that is available on the Federal Student Aid Data Center to identify the GE programs for which we have received a Notice of Intent to Appeal. As described in Gainful Employment Electronic Announcement #101, institutions seeking to use alternate earnings to appeal a zone or failing rate for a GE program were required to email a Notice of Intent to Appeal within 14 days of the issuance of Final D/E rates (on or before January 23, 2017).

The “Appeal Status” column on the Debt to Earnings data spreadsheet on the Federal Student Aid Data Center now includes an “A” if a Notice of Intent to Appeal was filed by the institution by the deadline.

As a reminder, final appeal documentation must be submitted to the Department within 60 days of the issuance of Final D/E rates (on or before Friday, March 10, 2017). For more information on alternate earnings appeals, refer to Gainful Employment Electronic Announcement #95.

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