Posted Date: February 2, 2018

Author:  Federal Student Aid

Subject: COD Processing Update

The COD Processing Update provides information related to COD System processing and includes the following sections: COD News and Updates, Current Issues (with a subsection for All Programs, Direct Loans, and Grants), and Reminders.

A new edition of the COD Processing Update is posted on the COD Web Site on business days when there is a change to the previously posted edition and each Friday. It is available by noon Eastern time on the day of posting. Schools will be notified when a new edition is posted via a COD Web Message.

If you have any questions about the information in the COD Processing Update, contact the COD School Relations Center at 1-800-474-7268 for Grants or 1-800-848-0978 for Direct Loans. You may also email


COD Processing Update for Direct Loan and Grants in PDF Format, 644KB, 3 Pages


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