Federal Student Aid - IFAP

Publication Date: March 6, 2006

Author: G. Kay Jacks, General Manager, FSA Application, School Eligibility and Delivery Services

Summary: Link to Message from Secretary Spellings Added to FAFSA on the Web

Posted on 03-06-2006

A link to a message from Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings has been added to the FAFSA on the Web home page (www.fafsa.ed.gov). This message for students, posted on February 19, 2006, highlights additional financial aid funding for 2006-2007 and discusses upcoming aid initiatives.


This new link, entitled "Funds for college are at historic highs. See message from Secretary Spellings" is located in the upper right side of the FAFSA on the Web home page.  The Secretary’s message can also be viewed directly on Student Aid on the Web at www.studentaid.ed.gov/PORTALSWebApp/students/english/SecretaryLetter.jsp.


Additional information about recent legislative changes and new aid initiatives, including the Academic Competitiveness Grant and SMART (National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent) Grant, will be released soon.


We hope you and your students find this information about the 2006-2007 award year helpful.