Posted Date: April 12, 2016

Author:  Jeff Baker, Director, Policy Liaison and Implementation, Federal Student Aid

Subject: Early FAFSA Electronic Announcement #5 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In Early FAFSA Electronic Announcement #3 posted on March 11, 2016, we announced the creation of an Early FAFSA Information page on IFAP. Today, April 12, 2016, we posted to the Early FAFSA Information page the first set of Early FAFSA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Note that we have provided the date when the answer was posted. As we continue developing our procedures and guidance for the Early FAFSA Initiative and its concurrent use of “prior-prior” year information, we will add to these FAQs.

As we noted in earlier announcements, we have developed an "Early FAFSA" mailbox as a way for the community to contribute thoughts, ideas, and concerns as well as to ask questions as we move forward on the implementation of the 2017-2018 Early FAFSA. The email address of the "Early FAFSA" mailbox is


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