Posted Date: June 28, 2010

Author:  William Leith, Service Director, Program Management, Federal Student Aid

Subject: 2010-2011 Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Formula Guide (June 2010 Update)

Federal Student Aid is pleased to announce the posting of the updated 2010-2011 EFC Formula Guide, which includes Expected Family Contribution (EFC) worksheets and tables for the 2010-2011 processing cycle. The worksheets and tables in this guide can be used to calculate an estimated EFC for students. The methodology for determining the EFC is found in Part F of Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA).

The June 2010 update includes a new footnote for applicants who are not required to file a 1040 tax return that states "Applicants who are not required to complete an IRS Form 1040, but do so solely to claim an educational tax credit, are considered eligible if they meet all the other requirements for the simplified EFC formulas."

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