Posted Date: July 30, 2018

Author:  Federal Student Aid

Subject: 2019-2020 SAR Comment Codes and Text Guide

We are pleased to announce the posting of the 2019-2020 SAR Comment Codes and Text reference guide. The reference guide is designed as a stand-alone guide as well as a companion to the 2019-2020 EDE Technical Reference. The guide includes a description of changes to the Student Aid Report (SAR) comments for 2019–20, and also provides the complete text for all 2019–20 comments.

In addition to its current availability on the Information for Financial Aid Professionals (IFAP) website, the guide will also be available in the next several days from the Federal Student Aid Download (FSAdownload) website, located at

If you have questions, contact CPS/SAIG Technical Support at 1-800-330-5947 (TDD/TTY 1-800-511-5806) or by e-mail at


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