Posted Date: October 24, 2019

Author:  Federal Student Aid

Subject: Additional Information Regarding Federal Student Aid Systems User Access Issue

As described in an October 17, 2019 Electronic Announcement, while performing a routine job in our Student Aid Internet Gateway (SAIG) Enrollment system related to Active Confirmation, we inadvertently removed access to Federal Student Aid systems for some professional users.

The automatic fix that we implemented on October 17, 2019 restored access for users that inadvertently lost access due to the system clean-up job. However, we did not restore access for Electronic Services accounts (employees enrolled for FAA Access to CPS Online or EDconnect) if those accounts were not actively confirmed in 2018.

The annual Active Confirmation process requires that each institution review and validate its assigned TG numbers and Electronic Services user accounts. As described in the announcement for the Active Confirmation process that is posted each fall, every Primary Destination Point Administrator (DPA) must follow the steps outlined in the announcement for both the organization's SAIG mailboxes (Destination Points/TG numbers) and Electronic Services accounts. It is a two-step process.

A user who recently lost access to Electronic Services due to incomplete Active Confirmation will need to be reenrolled by the institution’s Primary DPA. A signature page is not required. The user will be able to log in within three hours of completing reenrollment.

The Primary DPA may contact CPS/SAIG Technical Support for assistance with this process. Instructions are also provided below.

Instructions for Primary DPA to Enroll Users for Electronic Services (FAA Access to CPS Online or EDconnect)

  1. Go to the SAIG Enrollment website ( and select the Primary Destination Point Administrator Access link on the home page.

  2. Enter your FSA User ID and password. Select Login.

  3. Read and accept the Privacy Act Acknowledgment and Rules of Behavior, and complete annual security training, as required by the Access Identity Management System (AIMS).

  4. Select Manage Electronic Services.

  5. If enrolling users for FAA Access to CPS Online, enter the TG number that is currently enrolled for CPS batch services for your organization. If enrolling users for EDconnect, enter the TG number used to enroll users. Select Next.

  6. Select Add a new user from the menu.

  7. Enter the demographic information for the user you are enrolling. Select Continue.

  8. Select the services for which you wish to enroll the new user, select Next.

  9. On the next several screens, select the cycle years and access rights you wish to enroll the new user for until the system displays the Federal Student Aid User of Electronic Services Statement page.

  10. Select Federal Student Aid User of Electronic Services Statement to print the Federal Student Aid User of Electronic Services Statement. After the statement is signed by both the Primary DPA and the person he or she is enrolling, the Primary DPA must store the statement in his or her files. Do not send the statement to CPS/SAIG Technical Support.

  11. After successfully printing the Federal Student Aid User of Electronic Services Statement, close the Adobe Acrobat window to return to the Federal Student Aid User of Electronic Services Statement page. Select Continue.

  12. Select OK when asked if you have successfully printed the Federal Student Aid User of Electronic Services Statement. It is advisable to print the Receiving Confirmation page for your records.

  13. Select Continue on the Receiving Confirmation page to return to the Enroll users for online services main menu. If you have additional users to add, return to step #4 in these procedures and repeat the process.

Contact Information

If you have questions, contact CPS/SAIG Technical Support at 1-800-330-5947 or by email at


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