Federal Student Aid - IFAP
PublicationDate: 9/28/98
Summary: We Hear You
Author: CSB - SFA Customer Support Branch

Dear Colleagues:

The SFA Customer Support Branch appreciates input from the financial aid community on how we might improve the IFAP website and Customer Support Branch services. We have been listening to the recommendations our customers have made about the site since it went "live" in March, and we have accumulated a "to-do list" of IFAP enhancements, which include:

- Development of a feature to provide customers with a visual sign/notification of new postings to IFAP. This feature will be a visual aid displayed on the various IFAP pages. It will identify documents posted within the last "x" number of days (parameter driven);

- Development of a feature that will enable the Customer Support Branch to compose messages and "push" those messages out to all registered IFAP customers, at the email address contained within each customer's IFAP registration profile; and

- Development of a customer driven "subscribe" feature for IFAP. This feature will allow subscribers to receive all postings of a certain type: all Dear Colleague letters but not all publications, for example. We hope to develop this feature so that program-specific requests can be made, in addition to category-specific requests.

We hope to begin implementing these enhancements in the next few months. These enhancements are planned to address the concerns you have raised regarding how to identify new items posted to IFAP. Make sure you register through the "Registration Desk" of IFAP to ensure your inclusion in these upcoming features.

Please continue to send your comments and suggestions regarding the IFAP website and the Customer Support Branch via any of the following methods:

E-mail CSB at csb@ed.gov

E-mail CSB via the IFAP website

FAX CSB on 202-260-4199

Phone CSB's toll-free telephone inquiry service on 1-800-433-7327

Thank you for your interest in and recommendations for IFAP. We look forward to hearing more of your ideas at the Department's Electronic Access Conferences this fall.


SFA Customer Support Branch