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Loan Servicing Information - Temporary Closures of Federal Loan Servicing Centers Due to Hazardous Weather Conditions

Given that centers operated by our federal loan servicers are located across the country, it is impossible to predict when hazardous weather conditions may affect one or more of our servicing centers. We assure the community that each of our federal loan servicers will implement contingency plans and remain open as much as possible when hazardous weather bears down on the area in which a servicer is located. However, if precautions must be taken to ensure personal and public safety during a hazardous weather event, an affected servicer may need to close a center early or for a full day.

If a servicing center must close due to hazardous weather conditions, the affected federal loan servicer will use established communication practices to inform borrower and school customers of the temporary closure. As a general rule, the servicer will communicate the temporary closure through a recorded message on its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and/or a posted message on its website. In addition, services ordinarily available to borrower and school customers through the affected servicer’s website and IVR should remain available during the temporary closure.

Note: In the event of hazardous weather that results in widespread and significant impact to borrower and school customers served by one or more federal loan servicing centers, we will inform the community through an Electronic Announcement on the Information for Financial Aid Professionals (IFAP) website as early as possible.

Contact Information

We appreciate the community’s patience and understanding when a federal loan servicing center must close temporarily due to hazardous weather conditions. If you have questions following the temporary closure of a servicing center, contact the federal loan servicer directly. Contact information for the appropriate servicer can be found on the Loan Servicing Centers for Schools Contact Information page on the IFAP website.