Federal Student Aid
IFAP Update – Upcoming Transition of FSAdownload Content and Financial Partners Portal to IFAP Website on February 9, 2020

As explained in March 28, 2019 and August 9, 2019 Electronic Announcements posted on the Information for Financial Aid Professionals (IFAP) website, we will be retiring the FSAdownload website and posting software and user documentation on the IFAP website instead. We will incorporate the Financial Partners Portal into the IFAP website as well. All FSAdownload, Financial Partners Portal, and IFAP website URLs, except for the IFAP Home Page URL, will be impacted.

This announcement informs the community that we plan to implement this transition on February 9, 2020.

Outage and URL Impacts

  • All IFAP website and Financial Partners Portal URLs will be changing after implementation except for the IFAP home page URL. Users will have to evaluate their bookmarks, websites, and documentation for any IFAP website and Financial Partners Portal URLs that will need to be updated.

  • Users that have bookmarked any FSAdownload website pages or reference the FSAdownload website in any materials will need to remove those bookmarks and references and replace them with the appropriate IFAP website URLs and references after implementation.

  • There will not be an outage period outside of the IFAP website’s regular Sunday maintenance window from 5-11 a.m. Eastern time.


  • Until the transition is implemented, the financial aid community will continue to access the FSAdownload website for necessary documents and software. After implementation, all materials transitioned from the FSAdownload website to the IFAP website will be consolidated and easily accessible on a new Software and Other Tools page.

  • The FSAdownload website home page and the Financial Partners Portal home page will have redirect messages in place temporarily after the transition is implemented.

IFAP Subscription Information

  • IFAP Subscription email preferences will not be affected or changed because of the implementation. Users who are signed up for IFAP subscription emails or who have made updates to their subscription preferences by Monday, February 3, 2020 will continue to receive those emails without issue.

  • Users who would like to update their subscription preferences after implementation will need to reset their My IFAP password and security questions following the steps below:
    • Access the Reset Password page at https://ifap.ed.gov/user/password. This URL is not currently active but will be active after implementation.

    • Enter the email address or username that was used for initial registration.

    • Click SUBMIT.

    • An email from ifap@ed.gov will be sent to the email address entered or associated with the username entered.

    • Click on the link provided within the body of the email.

    • Click LOG IN on the Reset Password page.

    • The Account Detail page will be displayed. Enter the new password and three security questions and answers

    • Click SAVE.

Post-Implementation URLs – NOT CURRENTLY ACTIVE

Below are the URLs for the moved content. These URLs are not currently active and will remain inactive until the transition is implemented.

  • The URL for the new Software and Other Tools page will be: https://ifap.ed.gov/software-and-other-tools

  • The URL for the new location of the Financial Partners Portal will be: https://ifap.ed.gov/fp

Note: As explained above, the IFAP website home page URL will remain the same after implementation.

Additional Information

We will post a final announcement to the IFAP website to confirm the transition implementation and provide additional information about accessing the moved content. Monitor the IFAP website for this forthcoming announcement.