Federal Student Aid
Stay Engaged with On-Demand Access to the 2020 Virtual FSA Training Conference

We would like to thank our partners in the financial aid community for collaborating with us virtually and ensuring the success of FSA’s first-ever virtual training conference! With almost 16,000 attendees viewing exclusive content in over 40 sessions, the training and engagement with our partners was both meaningful and inspiring.

The opportunity to remain engaged and continue learning is available with on-demand access to the conference programming. If you were unable to attend a session, would like to review a session, or want to download a PowerPoint presentation, visit the FSA 2020 Training Conference platform at prereg.net/2020/fsa-virtual and navigate to “Conference Agenda.” All sessions will be available for on-demand viewing until March 2, 2021.

To make the most of your on-demand viewing, we highlight the following:

  • In the next several days, we will provide a guide for the on-demand sessions, grouping them by topic, as a convenient way to focus your attention on the information that matters the most to you. This “Sessions by Topic of Interest” guide will be available in the Program area on the conference website and may be particularly useful for new financial aid administrators or first-time conference attendees.

  • Session materials are still available for download from the conference website.

  • For sessions that included a live Q&A, a transcript of the Q&A will be available with the on-demand video.

  • A certificate of completion may be printed after viewing an on-demand session. At the conclusion of each session, the option to View/Print the certificate is provided. If you need additional assistance with printing the session certificate, please email fsatc@prereg.net.

  • As a reminder, the conference platform does not support Internet Explorer. Please ensure you are using another browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari.

  • Finally, if you did not register for the conference, but would like to access the on-demand presentations, you will need to register first. After completing the simple registration process, you will have immediate access to the collection of on-demand sessions.

Thank you once again for joining us in a virtual environment and allowing us the opportunity to share with you important and timely information. In the near future, you will receive an email from fsatc@prereg.net that requests your feedback about the 2020 Virtual FSA Training Conference. Please take a moment to complete this important conference evaluation. Your unique insight is always a critical factor in our future planning.

Speaking of the future, our planning is already underway to welcome you, in person, to the 2021 FSA Training Conference that will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. We continue to actively monitor the ongoing health emergency and look forward to communicating with you about the 2021 training conference next year.

Contact Information

The FAQs, available on the conference website, provide answers to many common questions.

If you need technical support with the virtual conference platform, contact the Help Desk at 678-341-3061 or fsatc@prereg.net. The Help Desk is available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Eastern time.

If your question is still not answered, email your question to fsaconferences@ed.gov.