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Expanded SAIG Enrollment Functionality Available for Primary Destination Point Administrators at Foreign Schools

In this Foreign School Update, we provide foreign schools information about expanded functionality for the Student Aid Internet Gateway (SAIG) Enrollment website now available to Primary Destination Point Administrators (PDPAs).

Expanded SAIG Enrollment Website Functions for Foreign Schools

In the past, PDPAs were only able to use the SAIG Enrollment website during the active confirmation process completed at the end of each calendar year. Effective immediately, PDPAs at foreign schools have access to additional functionality on the SAIG Enrollment website to assisting with managing the SAIG mailboxes (TG numbers) at their institution. Specifically, Primary DPAs can review the SAIG mailboxes (TG Numbers) at the institution, review services assigned to each of those SAIG mailboxes, review roles assigned to specific users, delete services assigned to a specific user, and delete users no longer needing access to Federal Student Aid systems. PDPAs will also be able to print Designee Signature pages that can then be faxed or emailed to CPS/SAIG Technical Support.

Note: PDPAs must still use the paper SAIG Enrollment process for the initial enrollment of a new user or to make additions to the enrollment/services of an existing user.

In an attachment to this Foreign School Update, we provide PDPAs detailed instructions for using the new functionality. The attachment includes steps for the following functions:

  • Review Your Organization’s SAIG Mailboxes (TG Numbers) – This function is used to view a list of active and inactive TG numbers at your institution.

  • Review Services Assigned to Your SAIG Mailboxes – This function is used to view the different services assigned to a specific user (for example, CPS, COD Online Service, NSLDS® services, etc.)

  • Review Roles Assigned to a Specific User – This function is used to view the user role assigned under a specific service (for example, the COD user role assigned for the COD Online Service).

  • Delete Existing Service from a Destination Point – This function is used to remove one or more services from a specific user.

  • Delete the Destination Point – This function is used to remove a user. This is a critical step when a user no longer needs access to any Federal Student Aid system.

  • Print a Designee Signature Page – This function is used to print a pre-populated signature page that can be sent to CPS/SAIG Technical Support.

Contact Information

If your institution’s PDPA has questions about the new functionality, contact CPS/SAIG Technical Support at 1-800-330-5947. You may also email CPSSAIG@ed.gov.


Expanded SAIG Enrollment Functions for Foreign School PDPAs in PDF Format, 138KB, 3 Pages