This assessment provides you with an opportunity to review procedures regarding verification. Additional links are provided to assist you in the evaluation of your Verification Process. Click on the following Verification Guide at a Glance as it will assist you in understanding the verification requirements.

If you identify areas requiring a corrective action, we recommend that you complete an Action Plan.

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Verification Activity 1: Resolving Conflicting Data
Verification Activity 2: Dependency Overrides, Professional Judgment and Homeless Youth Determinations
Verification Activity 3: File Review

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2018-2019 FSA Handbook (AVG), Chapter 4
2018-2019 FSA Handbook (AVG), Chapter 5
Program Integrity Link (Verification)
2018-2019 Verification Suggested Text

Please note the regulatory citations are referenced in the middle column of the assessment. Click on the link to view any of the regulatory references. If you link to a blank CFR page that states, "Need Assistance?" please right click on the link in the Regulatory Link column and select open in a new Tab.

Verification Subpart E-Verification of Student Aid Application Information (668.51 through 668.61) Regulatory Link(s) Activity
General 34 CFR 668.51

34 CFR 668.51

34 CFR 668.52

34 CFR 668.53

34 CFR 668.54

34 CFR 668.55

34 CFR 668.56

34 CFR 668.57

34 CFR 668.58

34 CFR 668.59

34 CFR 668.60

34 CFR 668.61



Definitions 34 CFR 668.52


Policies and Procedures 34 CFR 668.53 A Guide to Creating a Policies & Procedures Manual, Section 3.5
Selection of Applicant's FAFSA information for Verification 34 CFR 668.54 Verification Activity 1: Resolving Conflicting Data
Updating Information 34 CFR 668.55


Items to be Verified and Acceptable Documentation: 34 CFR 668.56 and 34 CFR 668.57; Federal Register Notice 05-05-2017; DCL GEN 17-05

Some helpful sites to assist with Verification include: (the preferred site for foreign income conversion to US dollars)

Who should file a 1040?

Health & Human Services Poverty Guidelines

2018-2019 IRS FORMS: IRS 1040, IRS 1040A, IRS 1040EZ, IRS Form 2555 (Foreign Earned Income), IRS Form 2555EZ and 2017 W-2 (For Informational Purposes Only)

Verification ISIR/1040 Comparison charts: 2017-2018 (Includes IRS Transcript comparison); 2018-2019 (Includes IRS Transcript comparison)
Verification Activity 3: File Review
Interim Disbursements 34 CFR 668.58


Consequences of Change in an Applicant's FAFSA Information 34 CFR 668.59


Deadlines for Submitting Documentation and the Consequences of Failing to Provide Documentation, 34 CFR 668.60, 34 CFR 668.60(b)(1)(i), 34 CFR 668.58(a)(2) and 34 CFR 668.57


Recovery of Funds from Interim Disbursements 34 CFR 668.61, 34 CFR 668.9(a)(2); DCL GEN 98-14 July 1998 and 34 CFR 668.58(a)(2)(ii)(A)


Professional Judgment and Dependency Overrides 34 CFR 668.53(c); HEA 479A(a); HEA 480(d)(1)(I) and DCL GEN-03-07; DCL GEN-09-04; DCL GEN-09-05; DCL GEN-11-04; DCL GEN-11-15

Verification Activity 2: Dependency Overrides, Professional Judgment and Homeless Youth Determinations

Last Updated March 2019