Federal Student Aid - IFAP

Award Year: 2008-2009

Chapter: --Volume 3 - FSA Handbook: Calculating Awards & Packaging

Section: --Volume 3 - Calculating Awards & Packaging

Page Numbers: 170

Posted on 10-16-2008

Each Chapter of Volume 3 - Calculating Awards and Packaging of the 2008-2009 FSA Handbook is presented as a separate PDF File. Scroll down the page to see all the chapters (listed as attachments) and the hyperlink text. Requires 4.0 or greater of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.


Volume 3: Calculating Awards and Packaging Master File in PDF Format, Size 4.34MB, 170 pages

Table of Contents in PDF Format, 39KB, 2 pages

Chapter 1: Academic Calendar & Payment Periods in PDF Format, 279KB, 16 pages

Chapter 2: Cost of Attendance (Budget) in PDF Format, 144KB, 8 pages

Chapter 3: Calculating Pell Grant Awards in PDF Format, 404KB, 34 pages

Chapter 4: Calculating ACG and National SMART Grants in PDF Format, Size 237KB, 18 pages

Chapter 5: Stafford/PLUS Loan Periods and Amounts in PDF Format, Size 500KB, 36 pages

Chapter 6: Awarding Campus-Based Aid in PDF Format, Size 112KB, 6 Pages61KB, 8 pages

Chapter 7: Packaging Aid in PDF Format, Size 223KB, 11 Pages

Nonterm Examples in PDF Format, 49KB 5 pages

Appendix A: Academic Year Progress in PDF Format, Size 248KB, 33 Pages