Posted Date: March 18, 2010

Volume: Errata and Updates for 2009-2010 FSA Handbook (UPDATED April 4, 2011)

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2009-2010 Federal Student Aid Handbook Errata and Updates

Unless otherwise indicated, the errata and updates below are items that were amended after the initial PDF files were posted to the Web and before the Handbook went to print.

For questions about the Handbook contents, you can contact the Schools Publications staff at:

Application and Verification Guide

  • P. 2. In the eighth and ninth paragraphs the page reference was changed from 26 to 28.

  • P. 18. The parenthetical phrase "except in the cases mentioned above" was added to the last paragraph under "Qualified education benefits."

  • P. 20 For questions 44 and 45, the text was updated to reflect that due to the enactment in July of the technical corrections bill, the date for elimination of veterans education benefits from estimated financial assistance was moved up from July 1, 2010, to July 1, 2009.

  • P. 28. The phrase "or were upon reaching the age of majority" replaced "or were when they turned 18."

  • P. 42. The margin note from page 76 of Volume 1 about zero EFCs for dependents of Iraq and Afghanistan war dead was copied here.

  • P. 91. In the chart the line numbers for the income tax paid for the 1040 and 1040EZ forms were corrected from 57 to 56 and 10 to 11 respectively.

    The following correction is not reflected in the print version of the AVG:

  • P. 26. The year 2009 in the last and second-to-last paragraphs should be 2010.

Volume 1: Student Eligibility

  • P. 1-13. The section "Probation and appeals" was revised to clarify how schools might grant probations.

Volume 2: School Eligibility & Operations

  • P. 2-45 and 2-47. References to the Drug-Free Workplace certification on the FISAP has been removed-this certification is no longer required.

  • P. 2-78 and 79. References to TEACH counseling requirements have been added.

Volume 3: Calculating Awards & Packaging

  • Added April 4, 2011 - P. 3-126. Under the example "Student loses eligibility for higher loan limit," the second paragraph should read as follows:

    "The additional unsubsidized Stafford Loan amount of $13,000 that the student received in the first three years of the undergraduate program ($4,000 in years 1 and 2, $5,000 in year 3. $6,000 of the $19,000 of the additional unsub total amount would have been available without the PLUS denials, $2,000 per year) is not counted against the $31,000 dependent undergraduate aggregate loan limit... The rest of the paragraph remains unchanged."

  • P. 3-131 and 3-134. Perkins annual and aggregate loan limits have been corrected.

    Revised May 14, 2010 - The following corrections are not reflected in the print version of Volume 3:

  • P. 3-144, the first paragraph under "Veterans and Americorps benefits" incorrectly states that Americorps benefits are no longer counted as EFA, as does the second sidebar note. This is not true-in fact, Americorps benefits are included as EFA when determining eligibility for unsubsidized Stafford loans.

    No Americorps benefits are included in the EFA when determining eligibility for subsidized Stafford loans. For Campus-Based and ACG/SMART/TEACH purposes, you may exclude as EFA a portion of any subsidized DL or FFEL loan that is equal to or less than the amount of the student's Americorps benefits for the cost of attendance.

  • Added April 8, 2010 - Page 3-56. The first fraction (of 2) for calculating a Pell payment for a payment period under formula 4 is incorrect. It should read:

    Number of credit or clock hours in the payment period
    Number of credit or clock hours in the program’s academic year

  • Added May 14, 2010 - P. 3-57. Credit-hour nonterm example: The scheduled award listed in the first paragraph as $3,900 should read $4,190.

    Clock-hour program example: The scheduled award listed in the first sentence as $2,190 should read $2,640.

Volume 6: Managing Campus-Based Programs

  • P 6-81. References to the URL for the Public Defender Organizations or Community Defender Organizations was removed (sidebar).


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