Posted Date: April 7, 2011

Volume: Errata and Updates for 2011-2012 FSA Handbook (UPDATED January 25, 2012)

2011-2012 Federal Student Aid Handbook Errata and Updates

Unless otherwise indicated, the errata and updates below are items that were amended after the initial PDF files were posted to the Web. The revised PDF files are posted on the Information for Financial Aid Professionals (IFAP) Web site.

For questions about the Handbook contents, you can contact the Schools Publications staff at:

Application and Verification Guide

  • Corrected April 7, 2011 - P. AVG-3. The margin note titled "Exception to FAFSA filing requirement" has been deleted; there is no longer an exception to completing a FAFSA for students who will only receive a PLUS loan through their parents.

Volume 3: Calculating Awards and Packaging

  • Corrected November 3, 2011 - P. 3-28. There was an extra sentence in the first paragraph under the heading “Retaking Coursework in Term Programs”. The sentence that begins “You may also count towards enrollment status and award aid for any class (i.e. potentially more than one repetition)…” is incorrect and should be disregarded.

Volume 5: Overawards, Overpayments, & Withdrawal Calculations

  • Corrected January 25, 2012 – P. 5-66. We have added directions for submitting a “Change Record” to adjust Direct Loans when a student withdraws and then transfers or re-enters a program offered in modules, a credit-hour non-term-based program, or a program that measures progress in clock hours.

  • Corrected January 25, 2012 – P. 5-72. In the first bullet, we have removed the text indicating that for dependent PLUS loans a SAR/ISIR with an official EFC is not required for the loan to be included as aid that could have been disbursed.

  • Corrected January 25, 2012 – P. 5-20 and 5-128. We have added instructions on Amending a FISAP after it has been accepted by ED.

  • Corrected January 25, 2012 – P. 5-128. We have added instructions for returning funds after 240 days.

  • Corrected December 5, 2011 - P. 5-33 and P. 5-100. A new sidebar has been added, clarifying when schools that offer programs in a non-term format schools should recalculate a student’s Title IV aid before performing a Return calculation.

  • Corrected December 5, 2011 - P. 5-71. The fourth paragraph under Title IV aid disbursed has been revised to more clearly explain the difference between aid that is considered disbursed and aid that is considered Aid that could have been disbursed because it was an inadvertent overpayment.

  • Corrected December 5, 2011 - P. 5-143. The discussion on this page originally entitled Returning funds on Direct Loans and FFEL Loans purchased by the Department has been revised to reflect that there are different instructions applicable to FFEL and Direct Loans.

  • There are now two sets of instructions, one set for FFEL loans purchased by the department and another set for Direct Loans.


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