Federal Student Aid - IFAP
AwardYear: 1997-1998
EnterChapterNo: 4
EnterChapterTitle: Federal Pell Grant Program
SectionTitle: Appendix C: Students Appearing More Than Once on the SPS
PageNumbers: 109-112

The SPS will list a student more than once for a single attended
campus when the school reports that student to the Department using
a different SAR or ISIR, or when the school changes the type of
academic calendar. The Department honors payment on only one
record per student for each attended campus. As mentioned in
Appendix B, current (active) payment records appear with a "<" on
the far right of the student entry in the detailed listing. The school
should carefully review any student who appears more than once to
confirm that the current payment record for the student in the
Department's records agrees with the SAR or ISIR on which the
school based payment.

The Department establishes another record for a student, and reduces
the payments accepted on the prior record to $0, in two cases:

1. TRANSACTION NUMBER. The two-digit Transaction
Number assigned by the CPS uniquely identifies a particular
applicant record for the student. It indicates the specific output
document on which the school based payment to the student. Each
Transaction Number the school submits for a student will create a
new record. The LAST transaction the school sent that the
Department accepted always becomes the current record for the
student, even if the school reported a higher Transaction Number


Transaction 01 Original application--rejected

Transaction 02 Result of applicant corrections--EFC of 310

Transaction 03 Result of applicant corrections--EFC of 1507

The student turns in Transaction Number 03, and the school
reports it to the Department. The school later determines that the
student has Transaction Number 02, which meets the definition of
a valid output document. The school reports Transaction
Number 02 to the Department, which is accepted; the Department
AUTOMATICALLY reduces the payment amounts on
Transaction Number 03 to $0.

2. ACADEMIC CALENDAR. The Department establishes a new
current record for a student when the school reports any of the
following academic calendar changes:


Standard-term academic calendar (quarter, semester, trimester)
* Clock hour or credit hour (nonstandard term)

Clock hour or credit hour
* Standard-term academic calendar (quarter, semester,

Credit hour (nonstandard term)
* Clock-hour academic calendar

Clock-hour academic calendar
* Credit hour (nonstandard term)