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iLibrary - Dear Colleague Letters - ANN

1998 Dear Colleague Letters - ANN Archive

  • 1998-10-02 - ANN-98-8: The new 1999-2000 Recipient Financial Management System (RFMS) for reporting and requesting funds under the Federal Pell Grant Program
  • 1998-12-01 - (ANN-98-16) The Hope Scholarship and Lifetime Learning Tax Credits.
  • 1998-11-01 - (ANN-98-15) Automated application status checks now available on the toll-free line at the Federal Student Aid Information Center
  • 1998-11-01 - (ANN-98-14) Teleconference - Department is sponsoring to address the Y2K issue.
  • 1998-10-01 - (ANN-98-13) How to order bulk quantities of the 1999-2000 FAFSA and Student Guide.
  • 1998-10-01 - (ANN-98-12) Low-Income School and Teacher Shortage Area Lists for Loan Cancellation/Deferment now available on the Web
  • 1998-09-01 - (ANN-98-11) This letter announces two federal student aid training events for High School Counselors to be presented in Fall 1998, lists the locations and dates for the events, and provides registration procedures.
  • 1998-09-01 - (ANN-98-10) This letter announces the development of a Master Promissory Note process for use in the William D. Ford Direct Loan (Direct Loan) Program and the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program.
  • 1998-08-01 - (ANN-98-09) Announcement of October 15 Student Financial Assistance Videoconference
  • 1998-07-01 - (ANN-98-08) Announces the new 1999-2000 Recipient Financial Management System (RFMS) for reporting and requesting funds under the Federal Pell Grant Program
  • 1998-06-01 - (ANN-98-07) The Student Financial Assistance electronic Bulletin Board Service (BBS), which has served the financial aid community since spring 1995, will be retired as of July 1, 1998.
  • 1998-06-01 - (ANN-98-06) We are pleased to announce the availability of a Student Financial Assistance Programs "fax broadcast" service for postsecondary schools
  • 1998-06-01 - (ANN-98-05) This letter describes a nationwide series of National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) workshops and lists the sites, dates, and registration procedures
  • 1998-06-01 - (ANN-98-04) Distribution of the 1998 Summer Training Calendar
  • 1998-03-01 - (ANN-98-03) Distribution of the 1998 Spring Training Calendar
  • 1998-03-01 - (ANN-98-02) This letter describes two training series on the 1998-99 EDExpress for Windows software: one on application processing and the other on packaging. Workshop schedules and registration forms are included.
  • 1998-02-01 - (ANN-98-01) Expanded information available to the financial aid community on our World Wide Web pages.
  • 1998-07-24 - The 1999-2000 Federal Pell Grant Program Recipient Financial Management System (RFMS) Slide Show
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