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iLibrary - Dear Colleague Letters - CB

2000 Dear Colleague Letters - CB Archive

  • 2000-11-01 - (CB-00-14) Campus-Based Programs 2001-2002 FISAP Edit/Verification Process
  • 2000-09-01 - (CB-00-13) Use of State scholarships and grants as the non-Federal share of Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant awards.
  • 2000-09-01 - (CB-00-12) Information regarding the 2000-2001 Supplemental Campus-Based award process.
  • 2000-07-01 - (CB-00-11) The Campus-Based Reallocation Form (E40-4P)
  • 2000-07-01 - (CB-00-10) Fiscal Operations Report for 1999-2000 and Application to Participate for 2001-2002 (FISAP)
  • 2000-05-01 - (CB-00-09) This letter pertains to the 1998-1999 Federal Perkins Loan Service Cancellations Reimbursement and Payment Letter
  • 2000-05-01 - (CB-00-08) This letter provides information on requesting a waiver of the 2000-2001 Federal Work-Study (FWS) community service expenditure requirements.
  • 2000-05-01 - (CB-00-07) This letter provides information about an Addendum to the National Direct Student Loan (NDSL) and Federal Perkins Loan Program Promissory Notes to reflect the 1998 Amendments to the Higher Education Act
  • 2000-05-01 - (CB-00-06) Close-out of the 1998-1999 awards for the Federal Work-Study (FWS), Federal Perkins Loan, and/or Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) Programs.
  • 2000-05-01 - (CB-00-05) This letter provides updated procedures for institutions that are liquidating their Federal Perkins Loan Program portfolio.
  • 2000-04-01 - (CB-00-04) Safeguard Procedures Report for the Federal Perkins Loan Skiptracing Program
  • 2000-03-01 - (CB-00-03) Information regarding your institution's final funding authorization under the Campus-Based Programs for the 2000-2001 award year.
  • 2000-01-01 - (CB-00-02) Changes in the 2001-2002 FISAP for the Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), and Federal Work-Study (FWS) Programs.
  • 2000-01-01 - (CB-00-01) This letter provides information on Tentative 2000-2001 Funding Levels for the Campus-Based Programs.
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