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iLibrary - Dear Colleague Letters - G

1997 Dear Colleague Letters - G Archive

  • 1997-12-01 - (97-G-305) Increasing aggregate loan limits for certain health professions students affected by the phaseout of the Health Education Assistance Loan (HEAL) Program to $189,125.
  • 1997-11-01 - (97-G-304) Extension of Guaranty Agency Claims and Collections Report (ED Form 1189)
  • 1997-10-01 - (97-G-302) Suspension of Default Reinsurance Claim Payments Due to Non-Receipt of September 1997 Quarterly/Annual Report
  • 1997-07-01 - (97-G-301) Last Submission Date for Default Reinsurance Requests for FY 1997
  • 1997-07-01 - (97-G-300) This letter provides guidance concerning closed school loan discharges for borrowers who attended certain correspondence schools.
  • 1997-05-01 - (97-G-299) INCREASED LOAN LIMITS FOR CERTAIN HEALTH PROFESSIONS STUDENTS - This letter clarifies eligibility issues related to increased loan limits for certain health professions students affected by the "phaseout" of the HEAL Program.
  • 1997-05-01 - (97-G-298) This letter provides guidance concerning annual and aggregate loan limits for Direct Stafford/Ford Loans and Direct Unsubsidized Stafford/Ford Loans made under the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program and Stafford Loans made under the Federal Family Education Loan Progra
  • 1997-05-01 - (97-G-297) Guidance for institutions of higher education, guaranty agencies, and lenders concerning the recent flooding in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota.
  • 1997-03-01 - (97-G-296) This letter describes the telecommunications services provided to State and Non-state Guaranty Agencies under the Title IV Wide Area Network (WAN) services, the receipt of Institutional Student Information Records (ISIRs) through the Electronic Data Exchange (EDE) or the Institution Applicant Data Service (but NOT both), and applicable enrollment procedures.
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