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iLibrary - Dear Colleague Letters - G

1998 Dear Colleague Letters - G Archive

  • 1998-11-01 - (98-G-315) This letter and its attachments provide detailed information regarding the introduction of a Master Promissory Note for Federal Stafford Loans in the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program
  • 1998-11-01 - (98-G-314) Revised Guaranty Agency Quarterly/Annual Report (ED Form 1130), Revised Instructions, Revised Due Dates and Extension of the Guaranty Monthly Claims and Collections Report (ED Form 1189)
  • 1998-10-01 - (98-G-313) This letter provides clarification of an institutional eligibility criteria for the awarding of increased amounts of unsubsidized loans under the Direct Loan and FFEL programs for certain Health Professions students.
  • 1998-08-01 - (98-G-312) Last Submission Date for Default Reinsurance Requests for FY 1998
  • 1998-08-01 - (98-G-311) Guidance on the extension of eligibility for increased unsubsidized loan amounts due to the phaseout of the Health Education Assistance Loan (HEAL) Program and information on aggregate limits for undergraduate health professions students.
  • 1998-08-01 - (98-G-310) This letter announces a less burdensome way for Peace Corps volunteers to apply for economic hardship deferments on their Federal student loans.
  • 1998-03-01 - (98-G-309) Extension of Guaranty Agency Quarterly/Annual Report (ED Form 1130) and Revised Instructions
  • 1998-03-01 - (98-G-308) To provide general information concerning the forthcoming changes in Title IV program numbers used by participating institutions of postsecondary education, third party servicers, lenders, and guaranty agencies.
  • 1998-03-01 - (98-G-307) Provisions of Public Law 105-78 affecting the consolidation of student loans in the Federal Family Education Loan Program.
  • 1998-03-01 - (98-G-306) This letter advises guaranty agencies in the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program of the potential impact of the "Year 2000" problem and the importance of an aggressive approach to ensure that the FFEL Program will continue unimpaired
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