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1998 Dear Colleague Letters - GEN Archive

  • 1998-12-01 - (GEN-98-30) This letter transmits A Guide to 1999-2000 SARs and ISIRs.
  • 1998-11-01 - (GEN-98-29) Office of Student Financial Assistance Programs (OSFAP) Update
  • 1998-11-01 - (GEN-98-28) This letter contains information about the recently enacted Higher Education Amendments of 1998. It includes an enclosure that provides summary descriptions of the provisions of the Amendments that affect the Title IV student assistance programs.
  • 1998-11-01 - (GEN-98-27) President Clinton signed the Higher Education Amendments of 1998 into law
  • 1998-11-01 - (GEN-98-26) This letter provides information about changes and enhancements to the 1999-2000 application processing system, including changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the Student Aid Report (SAR), and the Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR)
  • 1998-11-01 - (GEN-98-25) This letter and its attachments provide detailed information regarding the introduction of a Master Promissory Note for Federal Stafford Loans in the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program
  • 1998-11-01 - (GEN-98-24) This letter describes the new procedures for enrolling and updating enrollment information for the Title IV Wide Area Network (Title IV WAN) that will be implemented during November 1998
  • 1998-10-01 - (GEN-98-23) This letter provides clarification of an institutional eligibility criteria for the awarding of increased amounts of unsubsidized loans under the Direct Loan and FFEL programs for certain Health Professions students.
  • 1998-10-01 - (GEN-98-22) This letter announces the availability of Organization Contact Screens in the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).
  • 1998-10-01 - (GEN-98-21) I am writing to you to ask for your continued support as your financial aid office, business office, and computer processing services work with the Department of Education (the Department) to modernize the delivery of Federal student financial assistance beginning with the 1999-2000 academic year.
  • 1998-09-01 - (GEN-98-20) This letter provides guidance on the interest rates for loans made on or after October 1, 1998 under the Federal Family Educational Loan (FFEL) Program and the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan (Direct Loan) Program.
  • 1998-09-01 - (GEN-98-19) This letter provides information, schedules and options for institutions wishing to request electronic and/or printed materials and files for the 1999-2000 Renewal Free Application for Federal Student Aid (Renewal FAFSA).
  • 1998-08-01 - (GEN-98-18) Guidance on the extension of eligibility for increased unsubsidized loan amounts due to the phaseout of the Health Education Assistance Loan (HEAL) Program and information on aggregate limits for undergraduate health professions students.
  • 1998-08-01 - (GEN-98-17) Electronic dissemination to replace many SFA mailings.
  • 1998-08-01 - (GEN-98-16) This letter announces a less burdensome way for Peace Corps volunteers to apply for economic hardship deferments on their Federal student loans.
  • 1998-07-01 - (GEN-98-15) This letter announces three U.S. Department of Education Electronic Access Conferences (EAC) entitled "Connect for Success" to be held in Kansas City, MO November 17-19; Washington, D.C. December 1-3; and San Diego, CA December 15-17.
  • 1998-07-01 - (GEN-98-14) This letter announces the availability of the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) to accept Title IV Federal student aid overpayment information from institutions. The enclosed "Question and Answer" pages describe the policies and procedures schools must follow when reporting overpayment information to the NSLDS.
  • 1998-07-01 - (GEN-98-13) This letter announces a conference for Third Party Servicers sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education August 27-28 in Arlington, VA.
  • 1998-06-01 - (GEN-98-12) This letter transmits A Guide to 1998-99 SARs and ISIRs
  • 1998-06-01 - (GEN-98-11) This letter informs the higher education community of changes to the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA), made by Pub.L.105-18. These changes concern an institution?s annual calculation of completion or graduation and transfer-out rates under the HEA
  • 1998-05-01 - (GEN-98-10) This letter provides information regarding the eligibility of students enrolled in courses offered through distance education to receive financial assistance from the programs authorized by Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA).
  • 1998-03-01 - (GEN-98-09) Announcement of Rescheduled Transition from PMS to EDCAPS/GAPS
  • 1998-03-01 - (GEN-98-08) To provide general information concerning the forthcoming changes in Title IV program numbers used by participating institutions of postsecondary education, third party servicers, lenders, and guaranty agencies.
  • 1998-03-01 - (GEN-98-07) Provisions of Public Law 105-78 affecting the consolidation of student loans in the Federal Family Education Loan Program.
  • 1998-03-01 - (GEN-98-06) Implementation of the NSLDS/CPS Post-Screening process during March of 1998 and reminder of institutional responsibility to monitor student eligibility.
  • 1998-02-01 - (GEN-98-05) Temporary procedures for drawing down Federal Direct Loan, Federal Pell Grant, and Campus-Based Program funds during the period in which the Department converts its payment system from the Payment Management System (PMS) to the new EDCAPS Grant Administration and Payment System (GAPS).
  • 1998-01-01 - (GEN-98-04) This letter announces the staffing of the Institutional improvement Specialist for each Case Management Team in the Institutional Participation and Oversight Service, the functions that the Specialists perform, and their names and addresses.
  • 1998-01-01 - (GEN-98-03) The effect of the Solomon-Pombo Amendment on the Title IV Student Financial Assistance Programs
  • 1998-01-01 - (GEN-98-02) This letter clarifies several issues regarding student eligibility policy that have arisen as a result of recently enacted legislation or as a result of questions from the student aid community.
  • 1998-01-01 - (GEN-98-01) This letter advises institutions of the potential impact of the Year 2000 problem and the importance of an aggressive approach to ensuring that Title IV Student Financial Assistance (SFA) Programs will continue unimpaired. It also encloses a brief definition of the Year 2000 problem and compliance requirements, and it highlights the functions where postsecondary institutions and Department of Education SFA data systems interface.
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