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iLibrary - Dear Colleague Letters - GEN

2000 Dear Colleague Letters - GEN Archive

  • 2000-12-01 - (GEN-00-24) Return of Title IV Aid--Volume #1
  • 2000-12-01 - (GEN-00-23) The final drug worksheet titled "Worksheet for Question 35" is now available
  • 2000-11-22 - (GEN-00-22) This action letter provides information about changes and enhancements to the 2001-2002 Application Processing System, including changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the Student Aid Report (SAR), the Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR), Central Processing System edits, and database matches.
  • 2000-11-22 - (GEN-00-21) Electronic participation in the SFA Programs
  • 2000-11-22 - (GEN-00-20) SUMMARY: This letter provides advance notification of a Notice that will be published in the Federal Register informing schools of the deadline date for meeting updated minimum technical specifications in order to use our designated electronic processes.
  • 2000-11-01 - (GEN-00-19) This action letter provides information about changes and enhancements to the 2001-2002 EDESuite software, which includes EDExpress modules.
  • 2000-11-01 - (GEN-00-18) Monitoring and Resolving Defaults and Overpayments.
  • 2000-11-01 - (GEN-00-17) Seven Final Rule packages were published on November 1, 2000
  • 2000-10-01 - (GEN-00-16) Approved Federal Consolidation Loan application forms for use within the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP)
  • 2000-09-01 - (GEN-00-15) We are pleased to announce our new approach to helping you find answers to questions about our Title IV Student Financial Assistance (SFA) programs.
  • 2000-09-01 - (GEN-00-14) Ordering bulk quantities of 2001-2002 Application Materials
  • 2000-09-01 - (GEN-00-13) This letter is a follow-up to Action Letter #1 posted to IFAP in July 2000. It discusses the 2001-2002 Renewal Application process, including the upcoming release of SFA?s newest standalone PC product called Renewal Applications for Windows 2001-2002, Version 1.0. This letter also provides step-by-step instructions and tips to schools wishing to request electronic files and/or printed materials for the 2001-2002 Renewal Free Application for Federal Student Aid (Renewal FAFSA) process.
  • 2000-08-01 - (GEN-00-12) Elimination of the Paper Financial Aid Transcript (FAT)
  • 2000-07-01 - (GEN-00-11) The purpose of this letter is to inform you and your staff that we will soon begin collection campus crime statistics as required by Section 485 (a) and (f) of the Higher Education Act (also known as the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act) (20 U.S.C.1092(a) and (f). Providing this information is required by law as a condition of your institution's continued participation in the Federal student financial aid programs.
  • 2000-07-01 - (GEN-00-10) SUMMARY: This letter provides advance information on the process for requesting electronic and/or printed Renewal Free Applications for Federal Student Aid (Renewal FAFSA) for the 2001-2002 processing cycle.
  • 2000-06-01 - (GEN-00-09) We invite you to attend the Third-Party Servicers and Software Providers Conference on August 10 and 11 in Arlington, Virginia. This letter describes the conference and tells you how to register.
  • 2000-06-01 - (GEN-00-08) Requesting a waiver of the annual audit submission requirements--available for institutions that disburse less than $200,000 in Title IV funds each award year.
  • 2000-06-01 - (GEN-00-07) We wish to provide clarification on the expanded consolidation opportunity announced in GEN-00-06 and its effect on borrowers who consolidate during their grace period.
  • 2000-06-01 - (GEN-00-06) The Opportunity for Borrowers to Consolidate Before the July 1, 2000 Interest Rate Increase Has Been Expanded!!
  • 2000-04-01 - (GEN-00-05) In January 2000, the Department's Office of Inspector General published the U.S. Department of Education's Audit Guide, Audits of Federal Student Financial Assistance Programs at Participating Institutions and Institution Servicers.
  • 2000-03-01 - (GEN-00-04) This letter transmits the information necessary to comply with the requirements for providing to borrowers information on the Department's Office of the Ombudsman.
  • 2000-03-01 - (GEN-00-03) Use of the multi-year feature of the Master Promissory Note (MPN) by four-year and graduate-level schools.
  • 2000-01-01 - (GEN-00-02) Beginning on February 28, 2000, the Direct Consolidation Loan Center will accept only the new "Federal Direct Consolidation Loan Application and Promissory Note"
  • 2000-01-01 - (GEN-00-01) This letter transmits A Guide to 2000-2001 SARs and ISIRs.
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