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Have a question about Title IV federal student aid or one of the services the Department of Education provides? Contact one of our Customer Service Centers or Federal Student Aid Offices.

Financial Institution Oversight Service

Call the appropriate Financial Institution Oversight Service (FIOS) division for information regarding audit resolution, guaranty agencies, lending institutions, and servicers participating in the Department of Education Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program.

FIOS – Northern Division
Alaska, American Samoa, Arizona, California, Colorado, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan Micronesia, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Northern Mariana Islands, Ohio, Oregon, Republic of Palau, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Main: 312-730-1500
Fax:  312-730-1503

FIOS – Southern Division
Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

Main: 214-661-9520
Fax:  214-661-9581

FIOS – Eastern Division
Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Main: 646-428-3770
Fax:  646-428-3773

FIOS – Audit Resolution

Bronsdon Thompson  202-377-3747
Kenyetta Gunther       202-377-3421
Padreus Pratter          202-377-3953

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