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Getting Started - Help Navigating IFAP


The header contains the Federal Student Aid logo, the acronym for the Information for Financial Aid Professionals website and eight "hot" links on the IFAP website:

  • Home

    The "Home" link takes you to the main home page for the Information for Financial Aid Professional (IFAP) website.

  • Getting Started

    The "Getting Started" link gives you an introduction and overview of the IFAP website for new users and other users who may need assistance using IFAP.

  • What's New

    The "What's New" link provides a listing of the most recent items published to the IFAP website within the past 14 days.

  • Calendar

    The "Calendar" link displays the IFAP calendar which lists the current conferences, trainings, deadlines or other events occurring within the Title IV Federal financial aid community.

  • iLibrary

    The "iLibrary" link is a categorization of documents published to the IFAP website by various programs and/or functions.

  • Help

    The "Help" link provides some helpful hints with navigating through the IFAP website.

  • Feedback

    The "Feedback" link provides the user with an opportunity to send in a question, comment or suggestion regarding the IFAP website or a Title IV policy question.

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