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2021 Electronic Announcements

  • - (COD System) Subject: COD System Operational Update – Reporting Deadlines and Reminders for CARES Act Relief, Coronavirus Indicator and R2T4 (EA ID: COD-21-01)
  • - (General) Subject: Issuance of Dear CPA Letter CPA-21-01, Extension of Site Visit Exemption During COVID-19 National Emergency (EA ID: GENERAL-21-03)
  • - (Application Processing) Subject: 2021–22 FAFSA® Winter Campaign (EA ID: APP-21-01)
  • - (OPE Announcements) Subject: Guidance on Accreditation and Eligibility Requirements for Distance Education (EA ID: OPE-21-06)
  • - (Loans) Subject: HEAL Program Information – Maximum HEAL Program Interest Rates for Quarter Ending March 31, 2021 (EA ID: LOANS-21-01)
  • - (OPE Announcements) Subject: Publication in the Federal Register of updated waivers and modifications of statutory and regulatory provisions under the HEROES Act (EA ID: OPE Announcements-21-05)
  • - (OPE Announcements) Subject: Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) - Student Reporting Requirements (EA ID: OPE Announcements-21-04)
  • - (OPE Announcements) Subject: Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) - Submitter/Editor Information Reporting Requirements (EA ID: OPE Announcements-21-03)
  • - (OPE Announcements) Subject: Ability to Benefit Frequently Asked Questions (EA ID: OPE Announcements-21-02)
  • - (OPE Announcements) Subject: PRESS RELEASE: U.S. Department of Education Quickly Makes Available More Than $21 Billion in Taxpayer Funds to Support Continued Education at Colleges, Universities (EA ID: OPE Announcements-21-01)
  • - (General) Subject: Fiscal Year 2020–24 Strategic Plan Published (EA ID: GENERAL-21-02)
  • - (General) Subject: Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday and Inauguration Day Processing and Customer Service Hours (EA ID: GENERAL-21-01)