iLibrary - NSLDS Exit Counseling Submittal

School users have the ability to report exit counseling data to the NSLDS Professional Access website. This allows schools to maintain exit counseling data in one central location and offers comprehensive information to schools, lenders, GAs, and servicers when using NSLDS reporting functionality. To accommodate schools with a large number of records to report, a submittal upload method is provided that can process up to 2,500 records/rows of exit counseling data at a time, with a maximum file size of 1,000 KB (1 MB). File size can vary depending on the version of software being used. Any file size over this limit will cause the spreadsheet to be rejected. After the school adds exit counseling information to the spreadsheet, the school then uploads the file to validate and transfer the data to the NSLDS database.

NSLDS Exit Counseling Submittal

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