Publication Date: October 23, 2007

Section: Federal Perkins Data Providers Instructions

Posted on 10-19-2007

The attached file contains the final June 2007 Federal Perkins Data Provider Instrustions (Version 4) in Portable Deocument Format (PDF). The PDF file requires 4.0 or greater of the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software.


Federal Perkins Data Provider Instructions Version 4 in PDF File Format, Size 2.80MB, 188 Pages

Appendix A: Federal Perkins Loan Data Dictionary in PDF Format, Size 424KB, 105 Pages

Appendix B: Federal Perkins Loan Program Code and Error Tables in PDF Format, Size 290KB, 53 Pages

Appendix C: Past Period Change Record Layout in PDF Format, Size 116KB, 26 pages

Appendix D: Federal Perkins Loans Load Error File (Reocrd Layouts) in PDF Format, Size 85 KB, 6 pages

Appendix E: Federal Perkins Loans TEF File Layout in PDF Fomat, Size 25KB, 4 pages

Appendix F: Error Submittal Summary Notification Files in PDF Format, Size 47KB, 9 pages

Appendix G: DataPrep JCL for Z/OS PDF Format, Size 451KB, 22 pages

Appendix H: Glossary of Terms in PDF Format, 27KB, 6 pages

Appendix I: Technical Updates in PDF Format, Size 11KB, 1 page

NSLDS - Perkins Data Provider Instructions Change Log, Size 25KB, 4 pages