Posted Date: December 21, 2005

Presentation Title: Technical Track Sessions

Conference Dates: 2005-10-30 to 2005-12-02

Type: ED Conferences

Note: These files may have outdated information since federal regulations & FSA operations change accordingly. To locate the most current conference PowerPoint Presentations, go to

Attached are the 2005 Electronic Access Conference (EAC) Technical Track Sessions in Microsoft Power Point (PPT) format. Please check back at a later date for the EAC presentation files to be offered in Portable Document Format (PDF).


Data Transport Standard in PPT Format

E-Authentication Overview & Technical Approach in PPT Format

Financial Aid for Techies in PPT Format

Meteor Implementation in PPT Format

Optimizing XML on Your Campus and XML Lessons Learned in PPT Format

Service-Oriented Architecture in PPT Format

XML: Advanced Concepts and Long Term Vision in PPT Format

XML Techie Tools in PPT Format


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