Posted Date: December 7, 2007

Presentation Title: 2007 Federal Student Aid Conference

Conference Dates: 2007-10-30 to 2007-11-29

Type: ED Conferences

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2007 FSA Conference Sessions
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General Sessions


  1. NSLDS Security and What's New

  2. National Student Loan Database System - NSLDS Aggregate Calculations

  3. Integrated Partner Management (IPM)

  4. Title IV Funding to Schools: From COD through GAPS

  5. Operational Update ACG and National SMART Grant

  6. School Compliance Update

  7. Top Audit and Program Review Findings and How to Avoid Them

  8. Student Loans Going Forward

  9. Lender and School Relationships

  10. Requirements for Federal Grant Programs

  11. General Provisions Regulations Package

  12. Campus-Based Allocation Formula

  13. FSA Assessments: An Opportunity to Improve Compliance

  14. Resolving Database Match Results (SAR-C codes) and CPS Rejects

  15. EDExpress Update

  16. Introducing the Student Loan Ombudsman Caucus: Facilitating Creative Solutions for Student Loan Problems and Issues

  17. Historically Black Colleges and Universities Open Forum

  18. Hispanic Servicing Institutions Open Forum

  19. Tribally Controlled College Open Forum

  20. SAIG Mailbox Tools: EDconnect 7.2 and TDCommunity Manager (TDCM) Hands-on

  21. FAA Access to CPS Online for New Users

  22. A Hands-On Tour of Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4) on the Web

  23. NSLDS for Beginners

  24. COD Hands-on

  25. R2T4 Compliance Issues

  26. No handouts

  27. So, This Is Your First FSA Conference? A guide to getting the most out of the experience....

  28. No handouts

  29. Financial Aid Professionals (FAP) Portal and Beyond

  30. No handouts

  31. FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid

  32. The EFC Expected Family Contribution

  33. The ISIR - What It Is And How To Use It

  34. Verification

  35. Awarding Aid

  36. Satisfactory Academic Progress

  37. Disbursing Title IV Funds

  38. Uncover the Mysteries of the Law and Regulations

  39. The Big Picture

  40. A Direct Loan Primer

  41. Unlocking the Potential of Direct Loan Reports

  42. What's New in Direct Loans for 2008-2009

  43. Financial Aid For Technical Staff

  44. First Time Student Aid Internet Gateway (SAIG) Users

  45. Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)

  46. Federal Student Aid Technical Architecture Initiatives

  47. eAuthentication in Higher Education

  48. Security on Your Campus: How to Protect Privacy Information

  49. Software Development Lifecycle for Business People

  50. Creating a Student Audience with New Media: SFA via Podcast

  51. 2008-2009 Application Processing and Common Origination and Disbursement Systems Update

  52. No handouts

  53. Consolidation Loans

  54. Default Prevention 2008

  55. Skip Trace Tools and Techniques

  56. Emerging Oversight Issues

  57. All About Compliance Audits

  58. Integrated Partner Management (IPM) for Financial Institutions

  59. Financial Partner Systems

  60. Financial Institution Scorecards

  61. What's going on with the Federal Fund

  62. NSLDS for Financial Partners

  63. FFEL Regulatory and Policy Update

  64. Set Your Knowledge in Motion: Maximize Reports & Graphs in the ISIR Analysis Tool

  65. Draft Results of Quality Assurance Program Data from Award Year 2006-07

  66. The Power of the IA Tool One Report at a Time (For QA Program Schools)


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