Posted Date: December 15, 2008

Presentation Title: 2008 Federal Student Aid Conference

Conference Dates: 2008-10-28 to 2008-12-05

Type: ED Conferences

Note: These files may have outdated information since federal regulations & FSA operations change accordingly. To locate the most current conference PowerPoint Presentations, go to

2008 FSA Conference Sessions
General Sessions

Common Interest Sessions

Direct Loan Sessions
Financial Aid Fundamentals Guaranty Agency & Lender Sessions Technical Sessions

General Sessions

Higher Education Opportunity Act

Higher Education Opportunity Act

2009-2010 Application Processing Update

2009-2010 Application Processing Update

Federal Update

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Common Interest Sessions

Hands-on Tour of Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4) on the Web

TEACH Grants Policy Update

TEACH Grant Operational and Processing Information Part One - COD

TEACH Operational and Processing Information: Part Two (Servicing)

FAA Access to CPS Online Hands-on Session

Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008: An Update

HEA Changes on Perkins & Work Study

Look What We Have Done to the IFAP Web Site

Working with Veterans Affairs to Help Students

Test Drive the ISIR Analysis Tool and Improve Verification

Operational Update: Pell Grants, ACG and National SMART Grants

Title IV Funding to Schools: From COD through G5 For Pell Grants, ACG and National SMART Grants

Federal Pell Grant, Academic Competitiveness Grant, and National SMART Grant Programs Update

Write, Implement and Own It: The Making of a Policies and Procedures Manual

EDExpress Update

CPS Process, Data Matches and Processing Changes

National Student Loan Database System- NSLDS Aggregate Calculations

NSLDS Enrollment Reporting

NSLDS Update

NSLDS Web site

Promote Student Success, Manage Delinquency and Prevent Defaults

The Student Loan Ombudsman Network: Options for Student Loan Issues

COD Grants

National Training for Counselors and Mentors

Return of Title IV Aid: Compliance Issues and their Resolution

Regulations and Legislative Update for the FFEL and Direct Loan Programs

Keeping Your School's Title IV Participation Current: Everything you need to know about adding new programs
and locations, and reporting critical information about your school

Program Compliance 101

Top 10 Audit and Program Review Findings and How To Identify Them

Campus-Based Allocation Formula

SAIG Mailbox Tools: EDconnect 7.2 and TDCommunityManager (TDCM) Hands-on

Professional Judgment

Changes to the General Provisions

Birds of a Feather Sessions

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Hispanic Serving Institutions Open Forum

Tribally Controlled Colleges and Universities Open Forum

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Financial Aid Fundamentals Sessiions

Welcome To Las Vegas & FSA's 2008 Fall Conference

The Big Picture

Student Eligibility Checklist

FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Table A1: State and Other Tax Allowance for EFC Formula Worksheet A (parents only)

Expected Family Contribution

2008-2009 Institutional Student Information Record

The ISIR - What It Is And How To Use It 


Awarding Aid: Packaging

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Disbursing Title IV Funds

Uncover the Mysteries of the Law and Regulations

COD Basics

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Direct Loan Interest Sessions

Direct Loan Fundamentals

Direct Loan Servicing Fundamentals

Direct Loan Tools Hands-on Session

Title IV Funding To Schools: From COD Through G5

Unlocking the Potential of Direct Loan Reports

COD Web Hands-on for Direct Loans

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Technical Sessions for Schools and Software Developers

Birds of a Feather For IT Professionals

Ensuring Information Security

Federal Student Aid Technical Architecture Initiatives

Tactical Improvements to IT Security 

Federal Student Aid Technical Architecture Initiatives

Financial Aid For Technical Staff

FSA Gateway and Portal Strategies

On-line Resources for IT Staff

Web 2.0 Technologies and Privacy/Security Considerations

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Guaranty Agency and Lender Sessions

Current Electronic Services Offered by Federal Student Aid for GA's and Lenders

Electronic Services For The Future

Overview of the FFEL Program for Lenders and Guarantors

What's New for Guaranty Agencies and Lenders

Lender ID Assignment Rules and Process

Operational Flows & Reporting for New Loan Programs

Ask A Fed For GA's and Lenders

Financial Partners Systems (hands-on)

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