Posted Date: November 14, 2012

Presentation Title: 2012 FSA Conference Presentations

Conference Dates: 2012-11-27 to 2012-11-30

Type: ED Conferences

Below are the conference presentations. Please download and print the session presentations you plan to attend. Session handouts will not be available on-site.


GS-1. Federal Update (PPT)

GS-2. Town Hall - A Powerpoint Presentation will not be posted.

1. Welcome To Your First Federal Student Aid Conference (PPT)

2. Tools to Support Higher Education Choice (PPT)

3. Another Look at the Student Eligibility Toolkit (PPT)

4. Pell Grant Program Update (PPTX)

5. Principles of Excellence Executive Order 13607 (PPT)

6. Verification (PPT)

7. IPEDS: What You Need To Know (PPT)

8. Applying for Income Driven Repayment Plans - What You Need to Know about IBRICR (PPTX)

9. Loan Counseling Tools (PPTX)

10. COD Update (PPT)

11. Hands On COD (PPTX)

12. Developing Effective Mandatory and Voluntary Default Management Plans (PPT)

13. Default Aversion Activities (PPTX)

14. Federal Loan Servicer Panel Discussion (PPT)

15. Federal Loan Servicing Update (PPT)

16. Title IV Reconciliation (PPTX)

17. PLUS Processing A to Z (PPTX)

18. NSLDS Update (PPTX)

19. Hands-On: NSLDS (PPTX)

20. 3-Year CDR Here and Beyond (PPTX)

21. The FSA Assessments Find it, Fix it Enhance Compliance (PPTX)

22. Top 10 Audit & Program Review Findings (PPT)

23. Reporting Changes Impacting Institutional Eligibility (PPT)

24. Common Mistakes in Implementing Campus Security Fire Safety Requirements (PPT)

25. Hands On (PPT)

26. FAFSA Application Processing Update (PPT)

27. Financial Literacy What Students Need to Know (PPT)

28. Leveraging Social Media to Drive Awareness and Increase Engagement with Students (PPT)

29. Enterprise Identity Management Leveraging PM to Provide Reduced Sign On for COD (PPT)

30. Your Role in Helping FSA Prevent Identity Fraud (PPTX)

31. Return of Title IV Funds Programs of Study Taught in Modules (PPT)

32. Return of Title IV Funds Basic Training for FAAs New to R2T4 (PPT)

33. Foreign Schools Orientation to the FSA Conference (PPTX)

34. Foreign Schools Update and Q & A - A Powerpoint Presentation will not be posted.

35. Foreign Schools Medical, Veterinarian & Nursing Update (PPTX)

36. Foreign Schools Cash Management (PPTX)

37. Foreign Schools Consumer Information (PPTX) - Session 37 requires the Foreign Schools FSA Assessments Consumer Information At-A-Glance document available at

38. Foreign Schools Satisfactory Academic Progress (PPTX)

39. Foreign Schools Return of Title IV Funds (PPT)

40. Hands On FSA Assessments for Foreign Schools (PPTX)

41. Minority Serving and Under Resourced Schools Division (PPT)

42. CommunityColleges - A Powerpoint Presentation will not be posted.

43. Graduate and Professional Schools - A Powerpoint Presentation will not be posted.

44. Bursars and Business Officers - A Powerpoint Presentation will not be posted.

45. Quality Assurance Program (PPT)

46. Experimental Sites Initiative - Session Cancelled.

47. Gainful Employment Disclosure (PPT)


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