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Quality Assurance Program

FSA Assessments FAQs

What Assessments should I complete?
A school determines the assessments to complete. We recommend that you complete Assessments related to prior audit or program review findings. If you have none, you may want to view the FSA Assessments chart to help you choose the FSA Assessments to complete: FSA Assessments Chart

What hyperlinks are provided throughout the Assessments?
When available and applicable, hyperlinks to Federal Regulations, Federal Student Aid Handbook, Web sites and Dear Colleague Letters are provided. 

What do I do if the hyperlinks do not work in the downloaded Microsoft Word documents?
Hyperlinks can only work if the user has an Internet Service Provider associated with the computer they are using.

If you are logged in to a server or internal network through your school, you will be able access the hyperlinks in the downloaded Microsoft Word Documents as long as you have access to the Internet.

What is an Action Plan?
An action plan is a recommended process to assist schools to correct areas identified as needing improvement after completing an assessment. A direct link is provided to allow the user to print a blank Action Plan template.

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