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Quality Assurance Program

FSA Assessments Training

Below is a training related to the FSA Assessments recorded from a previous preconference.

QA Preconference FSA Assessments session materials (ZIP - 14 MB)

If you click on the heading above you can download a zip file that contains the video, transcript and powerpoint presentation. The size of the file is approximately 14 MB. We recommend that you right click the link above and select Save Target As....

FSA Assessment Podcasts

You can also view podcasts discussing the assessment on the IFAP podcast page.  These are recordings that are no longer than 8 minutes.  The financial aid community has found these very helpful with getting started using the assessments. 

FSA Assessments Training
This training session will help you learn how to locate and navigate the FSA Assessment web site.  It will also help you identify which assessment activities will help you with your compliance efforts. In addition, we will discuss how team involvement can assist in identifying and completing an assessment.  Click the link above to download the powerpoint.  Click here to download the transcript (MS Word). 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - FSA Assessments

Why would you use the FSA Assessments?

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