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Quality Assurance Program

Distribution List Messages

Message sent on February 1, 2013:

From: FSA Quality Assurance
Sent: Friday, February 01, 2013 10:48 AM
Subject: QA Random Sampling Protocol for 2013-2014 Taped Session #5 Now Available

The taped session of the QA Random Sample Protocol for 2013-2014 is now available for viewing.  To view the session, please click on the following link.  This link will take you to the training section of the QA Website where you will find links to this training as well as the other training we offered late last year.

If you have questions, please contact your QA Regional Representative.

QA Team

Message sent on January 30, 2013:

From: FSA Quality Assurance
Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 1:50 PM
Subject: REMINDER: 2012-13 ISIR Analysis Tool Data
Importance: High

This Friday, February 1, is the deadline to upload your 2012-13 data in the tool.  Please contact your regional representative if you have any questions.

From: FSA Quality Assurance
Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 7:10 AM
Subject: 2012-13 ISIR Analysis Tool Data

We are asking all QA schools to make sure they have all of their 2012-13 data uploaded in the Tool by February 1, 2013 and leave all the records in the Tool until at least February 15, 2013. Our contractor will be creating and validating the data extract we use in the program wide analysis and to create your institutional profile.  Your data must be uploaded during this entire time frame to ensure its inclusion. These are the records, meeting your school’s verification selection criteria for the 2012-13 award year, we analyzed last fall.

We provided instructions on how to upload ISIR data on October 4, 2012 and a recording of that training is available at .

If you have any questions, please contact your regional representative.

QA Team

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