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Award Year: 2001-2002

Chapter: --Volume 5 - SFA Handbook: Federal Perkins Loan Program

Section: --Volume 5 - Federal Perkins Loan Program

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Each chapter of Volume 5 - Campus Based Programs, Federal Perkins Loan Program section of the 2001-2002 SFA Handbook is presented as a separate PDF File. Scroll down the page to see all the chapters listed as attachments) and the hyperlink text.


Table of Contents in PDF Format, 20KB, 4 pages

Introduction in PDF Format, 16KB, 4 pages

Chapter 1 - Participation, Fiscal Procedures, and Records in PDF Format, 28KB, 6 pages

Chapter 2 - Student Eligibility in PDF Format, 20KB, 4 pages

Chapter 3 - Making and Disbursing Loans (REVISED 5/21/2001) in PDF Format, 36KB, 8 pages

Chapter 4 - Repayment in PDF Format, 56KB, 16 pages

Chapter 5 - Forebearance & Deferment in PDF Format, 44KB, 12 pages

Chapter 6 - Cancellation in PDF Format, 44KB, 14 pages

Chapter 7 - Due Diligence: Billing and Collection in PDF Format, 64KB, 16 pages

Chapter 8 - Default in PDF Format, 40KB, 8 pages

Appendix A - Perkins Loan and NDSL Promissory Notes in PDF Format

Appendix B - Addendum to Promissory Note in PDF Format