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  • - (Direct Loans) Subject: Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement – Preliminary Implementation in Late April 2020, Borrower Completion Requirement Delayed until 2021
  • - (Campus-Based) Subject: 2020–21 Final Funding Authorizations for the Campus-Based Programs
  • - (General) Subject: Implementation of 2020 CIP Codes in Federal Student Aid Systems
  • - (Campus-Based) Subject: 2020–21 Federal Work-Study Program Community Service Waiver Requests
  • - (General) Subject: Issuance of Dear CPA Letter CPA-20-01, Site Visit Exemption During COVID-19 Outbreak
  • - (Application Processing) Subject: CPS Reprocessing on March 10, 2020 for 2019-20 Application and Correction Records with Blank DHS Match Results
  • - (General) Subject: Quarterly SAIG Message Class File Update

SAIG Message Class File

NSLDS GA Threshold, Error Code and Field Code (TEF) File

Perkins Threshold, Error Code and Field Code (TEF) File